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We should know to enjoy life's benefits...

We should know to recognize the good life's quality... 

But it is also important to understand that our home

is the miniature of our own life...


Our job is to make your life less complicated and more comfortable with furniture that are




With great experience, due to family tradition, and many years of hard work, the company AVORIO KIOUSSIS continues its success after 30 years in the furniture, lamps and gifts category by offering to the Greek market unique products from all corners of the world.


  AVORIO started as a small industry producing lamps and bibelots and making instant success in Greece. It has to be mentioned that these bibelots were very famous since their material and colour were giving the sense of an ivory. That was the inspiration for our company's name “AVORIO”, which means ivory in Italian.

The first imports from Italy were based on furniture, lamps and various decorative objects. Then, we expanded our imports in Spain and Portugal, but our most important station was Egypt, where we developed our own production mainly based on english and french style.



Through the years we expanded our activities in exports too. We founded two branch stores in Egypt (Alexandria) and Italy (Como), which widened our exports particularly on furniture. During the same period we were taking part in exhibitions in Italy, Germany, France and Greece. These exhibitions had great success all over the world and especially in Greece as AVORIO was awarded the best exhibition stall (furnidec).



We have hired our specialized staff using strict criteria regarding specialization, willingness to work, experience, organization and collaboration skills. Our representatives network in Greece consist the strong commercial, technical and advisory base for the all our customers.



Our company has a great reputation for high quality and durability of our products. The countless design options for every style and mood that are constantly renewed, the high quality of raw materials as well as the affordable prices consist the guarantee of AVORIO KIOUSSIS.




Our company's biggest success is that all our products are ready to be delivered. ΑVORIO KIOUSSIS  is still your Νο 1 choice for SERVICE  as well




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